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Unit Symbols
at, technical atmosphere
atm, standard atmosphere
bar, Bar
cm, Centimeters
ft, Feet
in, Inches
inH2O, Inch water column
inHg, Inch mercury column
kp, Kiloponds
kPa, Kilopascal
lbf, Pounds force
mbar, Millibar
mca, Metros columna agua (Spanish)
mH2O, Meters columna de agua
mm, Millimeters
mmca, Milimetros columna agua (Spanish)
mmH2O, Millimeters water column
mmHg, Milimetros columna de mercurio
mmWC, Millimeter Water column
MPa, Megapascal
mWC, Meter water column
N, Newton
Pa, Pascal
PSI, Pounds per square inch
Torr, Torr
Conversion Factors - International System of Units (SI)
Property SI Unit Unit to convert Equivalency
Pressure1 Pa

technic atmosphere1,0197e−5 at
standard atmosphere9.8692059e-6 atm
bar0.00001 bar
inch water column0.0040186465 inH2O
inch mercury column0.0002952998 inHg
kilopond per square centimeter0.0000102 kp/cm²
kilopascal0.001 kPa
pound-force per square foot0.0208855472 lbf/ft²
pound-force per square inch0.0208855472 lbf/in²
millibar0.01 mbar
metro columna agua (Spanish)0.0001020408 mca
meter water columnn0.0001020408 mH2O
milímetro columna agua (Spanish)0.1020408 mmca
millimeter water column0.1020408 mmH2O
millimeter mercury column0.007500617 mmHg
millimeter water column0.1020408 mmWC
megapascal0.000001 MPa
meter water column0.0001020408 mWC
newton per square millimeter0.00014503773 N/mm²
pound square inch0.00014503773 PSI
torr0.007500617 torr
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