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Angular Frequency Dynamic Viscosity Length Pressure Torque
Area Energy Mass Speed Volume
Cinematic Viscosity Flow Rate Percentages Temperature
Density Force Power Time
Flow rate
Unit Symbols
cfm, Cubic feet per minute
cfh, Cubic feet per hour
cfs, Cubic feet per second
cl, Centiliters
cm, Centimeters
ft, Feet
gal, Gallons
gpm, Gallons per minute
h, Hours
in, Inches
l, Liters
m, Meters
min, Minutes
mm, Millimeters
s, Seconds
Yd, Yards
Conversion Factors - International System of Units (SI)
Property SI Unit Unit to convert Equivalency
Flow rate1 m³/s

cubic meter
per second
cubic centimeter per second1000000 cm³/s
cubic foot per hour127132.811835 cfh
cubic foot per minute2118.88199311 cfm
cubic foot per second35.3147248276 cfs
gallon per minute (USA)15852.047 gpm (US)
cubic inch per second61023.744094 in³/s
liters per hour3600000 l/h
liters per minute60000 l/min
liters per second1000 l/s
cubic meter per hour3600 m³/h
cubic meter per minute60 m³/min
cubic yard per hour4708.60780593 yd³/h
cubic yard per minute78.4769753655 yd³/min
cubic yard per second1.30795954836 yd³/s
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